hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页尊重您的隐私. hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页 is the sole owner of information collected on this website. Any and all information collected via the hg皇冠老牌网站登录欢迎您 website will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, 重用, 租来的, 租借, 或者以其他方式披露. Exceptions exist only as mandated by law or required under a contractual relationship with a service provider as allowed by Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

We may provide your personal information to organizations that provide services to help us with our business activities. These organizations are authorized to use your personal information only as necessary to provide these services. 除了, we require all outside organizations that we work with in any area of our organization, 包括市场营销和数据处理, to maintain the confidentiality of your information in accordance with this privacy statement and to comply with all applicable laws.


特别规定 apply to individuals that apply or are accepted to the College within the European Union.


hg皇冠老牌网站登录欢迎您 collects information at several different points on our website including, 但不限于:


你将使用hg皇冠老牌网站登录欢迎您的用户名和密码登录姐姐. Information obtained via 姐姐 includes personal information such as addresses and home information, 成绩, 以及帐户/账单信息. You are encouraged to protect the privacy of your login credentials throughout your college career. 共享网络用户名和密码是违反 hg皇冠老牌网站登录欢迎您的IT资源可接受使用政策.


The 注册商's Office requires a student's Social Security number for the purpose of verifying the student's identity with official educational records. 如果没有提供社会安全号码, 学院不能保证教育记录的真实性. The College will not disclose Social Security numbers to anyone outside of the College without an individual's consent except as mandated by law.


hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页要求用户在hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页的信息请求表格上提供信息, 以及hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页的学位申请, non-degree-seeking, 以及返校学生的入学申请. 资料要求表格所要求的资料只作招聘用途. The data requested by the admissions application is used for enrollment and billing purposes. 申请人亦可选择在网上缴付申请费用. 该交易由威瑞信担保. 招生办公室也要求提前登记特殊活动, 例如开放日, 长者探访日, Campus Tours; this information is used both for planning and recruitment purposes.


hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页要求用户在hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页的财政援助授权表格上提供信息. 虽然你的社会安全号码不是入学要求, 这是政府为使你有资格获得援助而要求的.


hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页要求申请者在奖学金申请表上提供信息. hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页的奖学金申请由下一个Gen Web Solutions托管. Applicants use their student ID number and a unique password (not the student's hg皇冠老牌网站登录欢迎您 network password or 姐姐 PIN) to log in. 这些信息保存在下一个Gen的安全服务器上.


学院与Blackbaud公司签订合同., 查尔斯顿, SC, 美国, 为非营利组织提供技术解决方案和服务的领先供应商, 提供hg皇冠老牌网站登录欢迎您基金在线捐赠表格. The Blackbaud Gateway safely processes all transactions and the Blackbaud Vault encrypts sensitive information to ensure all transactions are secure. The College has elected to not require user registration with Blackbaud from our donors, 进一步保障您的私隐. Neither the College nor Blackbaud will disclose or share financial information without your consent, except for general statistical purposes and certain explicit circumstances in which disclosure may be required by law. Your financial information will not be distributed or sold to third-party organizations. 读了 Blackbaud隐私政策  了解更多信息.

For those who wish to give to The hg皇冠老牌网站登录欢迎您 Fund without submitting sensitive information online, we also provide a printable form that can be mailed to the Institutional Advancement Office.


校友 Relations offers an Information Update form to maintain current contact information and supply information for 课堂笔记 发表在 hg皇冠老牌网站登录欢迎您杂志. 校友可以选择不接收校友关系办公室发送的电子邮件.

hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页也询问了校友, 有时, 担任学院的大使, 出席并为hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页的出版物和网站作证, 并在学校活动期间提供参观,如开放参观日.

We do not share contact information with anyone outside the College without permission.


The College contracts with Missouri Bookstore to provide online shopping cart technology for purchases. 用户的电子邮件地址不会与任何人共享, the user will receive no correspondence unless it relates directly to a question or order. 密苏里书店使用安全的SSL技术来保护所有的交易.


We accept online registrations for noncredit classes taught through our 员工发展 office. 该信息仅用于注册目的. 此外,因为hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页接受信用卡付款,这个网站是安全的.


hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页接受网上订购“野猫愿望”学生礼包. 获得的信息仅用于订购和交付. 任何一方的名字都不会出现在邮寄名单上. 信用卡订单是受保护的,因为网站是安全的.


hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页要求用户在hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页的学生车辆登记表格上提供信息, 包括车辆牌照和信用卡信息. 这笔交易是有担保的。.


虽然hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页不出售或提供电子邮件地址信息, that information is available on our website for the convenience of our students and employees. hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页不公布电子邮件地址的列表.


学生记录信息是保密的. 根据联邦法律和学校政策, the College does not publicly release student record information without prior written consent. The one exception to this is that the College will release directory-type information, 比如名字, address, 电话号码, 出生日期和地点, 主要, 活动参与, 出席日期, 注册状态, 年级水平, 毕业日期, 度/荣誉/奖项, 参与hg皇冠老牌网站登录欢迎您, 最近参加的教育机构. Any student may request that directory information not be released publicly by completing and signing an Authorization to Withhold Directory Information, 可向注册主任办公室索取.


A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user's hard drive, contains information about the user. 在学院的公共网站使用cookies (qb5hjp.thriftyforager.com)不会与hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页网站上的任何个人身份信息相关联. hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页使用的cookie将保留在用户的硬盘驱动器上. 如果用户拒绝cookie,他们仍然可以无限制地使用hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页的网站. 饼干 on our site are used solely for the purpose of tracking the progress of visitors to our site.


hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页使用IP地址来分析趋势, 管理网站, 跟踪用户的移动, 并收集广泛的人口统计信息以供汇总使用. IP addresses accessing the College's public website are not linked to personally identifiable information.


hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页要求您提供电子邮件地址只是为了让hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页能够回复您的信息, 或者向您发送确认函. hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页不会向任何人出售或提供您的电子邮件地址供其个人使用, 并且不会以除每份表格上指明的方式以外的任何方式使用该表格.


本网站包含到其他网站的链接, 这些链接的目的是在一个新的浏览器窗口中打开所有外部网站. hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页 is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our site and to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects personally identifiable information. 本隐私声明仅适用于本网站收集的信息.


学院会不时更新本声明. Those changes will be posted to this page so our constituents are always aware of what information is collected and how we use it. hg皇冠老牌网站会员登录首页鼓励您定期查看此页以获取最新信息.



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